Saturday, December 31, 2005

Three diversions from football, food, and wondering about the market

Today I bought three books as diversions for the next few days. Nothing too challenging, but good stuff I hope.

First, "Death at La Fenice" by Donna Leon. This is the first book of the Commisario Brunetti mysteries. I've read six others since early November when I inadvertantly stumbled onto this series. Nothing like this has happened to me since the Hardy Boys in the fourth grade(telling comment perhaps). For the mystery genre, in my limited experience, these are remarkably well written, civilized, observant, and relaxing. They are great bedtime reading, train reading, plane reading and just plain reading. They're quick, and don't get in the way of other reading. For me they have also replaced wasting too much time watching CNBC while eating lunch. Instead I read. The one I bought today is the last that Barnes and Noble or Amazon
have available in paperback, all Penquin at $7.99, so this little treat may be reaching a hiatus in a day or two.

Second, "A Story of Detection" by Michael Chabon. This is a novella that I know nothing about, except that it has excellent reviews and it follows the writer's big success with "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay". I didn't read that book, because each time I tried to read excerpts at bookstores it didn't click for me. And it was really long with small print. So this seems to be a way for me to try out this writer. You know, short with big print.

Third, "My New Orleans" edited by Rosemary James. This is a collection of short essays on New Orleans, most post Katrina, and part of the proceeds will go to a fund for New Orleans based writers. Having been to New Orleans many times and to many Jazzfests, in my little and inconsequential way I actually do know "what it means to miss New Orleans". Keep the unique spirit of New Orleans alive in 2006.

Happy New Year


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