Tuesday, October 03, 2006

E-mail from Thailand---Update from 9/21

"It's business as usual around here. Most Thais are happy that the coup has brought a greater degree of certainty back to Thailand. But all bets are off when Thaksin actually puts down in Thailand, from London. Not that there is any schedule on that. Currently they are cleaning the house that Thaksin built and investigating all the ill gotten gains from Thaksin to his buddies. He could end up being stripped of a lot of his wealth. The feeling is that he was unable to get most of it out of the country. Lots of bad press here on how America has so strongly condemned the coup and stopped certain aid programs to Thailand. Can America sink any lower in the opinion polls? I doubt it. Having to resort to saying I'm Canadian in more and more situations. Never know who you are talking to."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the correspondant in Thailand says that most Thais are pleased with the "greater degree of certainty" as a result of the coup, does that include the rural poor or mainly reflect the urban view?

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