Monday, September 10, 2007

A few questions about the Iraq issue this weekend

---How did the Congressional Democratic leadership allow or the Republican executive branch arrange for General Petraeus to give his congressional testimony on 9/10 and 9/11. Coverage of the Monday testimony will be in Tuesday newspapers that will understandably have coverage of memorial events and related human interest stories, and Tuesday's television and radio will be filled with the same. Is this accidental, or could it be some kind of cynical use of this meaningful day of remembrance.
---Why did the Democrats choose to rebut the testimony on the Sunday news shows before it was delivered, and why in the world did they choose John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Joe Biden to be their spokesmen. There are very few leaders in Congress who can totally wash their hands of Iraq and this is the old image of the party. They of course could not choose the three leading candidates for the nomination to take this role for fear of showing favoritism, but where is Jim Webb or some of the other new faces.
---And are the Republicans serious when they put Bush's Homeland Security Advisor, Frances Townsend, on Fox News Sunday to say that Bin Laden is impotent, living in a cave, and can only come up with an occasional video. In the same interview she underscored the need for a continued military campaign in Iraq by saying that intercepts of Al Qaeda intelligence showed that they followed the situation in Iraq very closely and were using the country as a major recruiting ground. Is this consistent?
---Bill Maher noted that in Bin Laden's video statement he referenced the mortgage crisis in the U.S. According to Maher that's because of Bin Laden's experience in the real estate business in Afghanistan where he worked for Century 12.


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