Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick impressions of today's Republican debate

Fred Thompson --- clobbered the competition in a surprise performance. Taking advantage of being in the center of the group and just being bigger than anyone else, it seemed like he had decided to enjoy himself and use his big assertive voice to his advantage. He also made sense some of the time, spoke to real issues most of the time and didn't seem like he was trying to pander to the one issue groups.
Rudy Guiliani --- started slow by ignoring the questions he was asked and rambling on in planned comments. Picked it up as the debate progressed and closed confidently, but nothing new here.
Mitt Romney --- the new I-Man. In one answer he began every sentence in a 40 second response with "I" and that was his favorite word throughout. Had the bad luck of standing next to the newly projecting big Thompson, and he was rattled.
Mike Huckabee --- now that he has become a real contender, he decided to act presidential and left his quick wit and interesting unexpected answers at home. Absent that he was a man of platitudes with no specifics.
Ron Paul --- he expressed what he believes coherently and consistently, but seems unconcerned that he is not moving beyond his fervently supported fringe candidacy and, to some extent, ideas . Some comments on economic imbalances displayed intelligence not usually attempted in political debates.
John McCain --- steady and consistent, but somehow had no edge today.
Alan Keyes --- it was hard to listen to his buffoonery without thinking of his famous interview with Ali G.
Hunter and Tancredo --- still standing.


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