Monday, March 03, 2008

Ohio, Texas, Gloria, Saturday Night Live, and Jesus

Comments about these up in the air Democratic primaries:

Ohio---If Clinton can't win this state her credibility is lost. Much of the state is white blue collar, or red white collar, almost like southerners without being in the south. That means that they might have a tendency to not like Obama and they also might not resent the strong woman Hillary as much as some real southerners do. Cincinnati and Columbus are very conservative towns while Cleveland should be Obama territory. Clinton must win here.

Texas---This seems to be completely unpredictable, and fascinating. Clinton has much of Democratic officialdom tied down. My guess is that Obama's chances depend on turnout. If it's really big he wins. If not, it's Clinton.

Gloria---Was this planned, to have Steinem dissing John McCain's POW experience and talking about how being trained to kill should not be a prerequisite for leadership. At this point who knows whether her words were out of context. In any event, was this meant as an all out charge for the female vote or was it a blunder in this state with so many military families. They could be anti-Iraq and still be insulted by her words if the press take is correct.

SNL---This high profile support just before these crucial primaries seems a bit strange. They claim it's just comedy calling it as it is, but two weeks in a row with the second having Hillary as a guest? Anyway one could guess that Clinton may be merely consolidating her support among the boomers that already support her as SNL may not be a magnet for the generations enthralled with Obama.

Jesus---Hillary says that "as far as she knows" Obama is not Muslim. Obama says he "prays to Jesus every night". This all seems a little over the top.


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