Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Loose Marbles

To clarify the prior blog, Loose Marbles is the New Orleans street musicians group's main name. Having settled back in here in New York, googling around led me to the best article on the group, or consortium of street musicians, which was "New Orleans Journal, May 8, '07" in the New Yorker, or at least on the New Yorker website. YouTube also gives some good looks at how good these folks are. Embarrassed to say that I've learned that they settle into Washington Square for parts of the summer but that's good news, especially if Meschiya, their vocalist is with them. But as to the names, one night when Meschiya was leading a small group in a club she did call them Loose Morals, the CD she was hawking called them Loose Marbles, and without her they called themselves late at night Royal Bandits. The Royal Bandits CD is the same group without a vocalist.


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The youtube clips of this group are fine!

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