Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama's bizarre impact on opponents

It seems that Barack Obama's presidential candidacy causes his opponents to quickly morph into their evil twin. They become caricatures of their worst traits. First both of the Clintons and now McCain.

McCain, in just a month or so, has gone from being an unpredictable and at times refreshingly spontaneous and good humored politician to something completely different. Now, in the place of the guy most Americans sort of liked as a person even if they didn't agree with him, we have a mean spirited and resentful old man, approving advertisements that might raise a smiling Lee Atwater from his grave. McCain's body language has gone hostile and his smiles have turned into Bushian smirks. It's an amazing transformation. Guessing what it means for November 4th is about as useful as guessing what the stock market will do tomorrow, but it sure is unattractive to watch.


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