Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bill Clinton campaigns for McCain Palin

With barely disguised bitterness and an eye on 2012, Bill Clinton is transparently and actively campaigning for the McCain Palin ticket. In fact, people who know Clinton say that his bitterness is always close to the surface. Here's the latest.
---Several days ago in a widely quoted interview he could not have been more effusive in discussing the attractiveness of Sarah Palin as a candidate. He certainly is not obligated to say anything negative but she's obviously not qualified by most measures to be Vice President and he went out of his way to highlight everything positive about her and then some. One couldn't help but laugh about some of his comments, paraphrased, "And I like the story about the infant with Downs syndrome, there's one of those that lives down the street from me". Or about Palin's husband's snowmobile achievements, "He went on in that race for the last 500 miles with a broken arm. That's my kind of dude." Clinton has done many things but he has always been notoriously un-athletic, whether as the pudgy band member in high school or the chronic blatant cheater on the golf course when he tried show that he could play some sport during his presidency.
---Two days ago Clinton was quoted as saying "I'll never criticize John McCain." Ok, so that's fair enough, then just don't criticize him. But what is his agenda when he makes a point of being quoted on that.
---Late yesterday Clinton defended McCain's obvious political tactic of "suspending" his campaign and went so far as saying that he agreed that the debate should be canceled. Most people who want to know the truth understand that the Obama campaign called the McCain campaign and proposed that the two candidates issue a joint statement supporting efforts to create a package to stabilize markets as soon as possible. Obama waited for a return call from McCain after the proposal. McCain did not return the call. Instead he announced the "suspension" and his unilateral debate withdrawal. McCain's move was 100% politics of the lowest sort, people know that, and Clinton supports it.

We human beings are hard wired to be self-centered, a few are almost like saints but most of us clearly have that trait to some degree. Bill Clinton is off the charts. I think the word is shameless.


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