Monday, October 20, 2008

Sick competition overlays current market

The oligopolies of Wall Street and the "hedge fund industry" look just as such from afar, with their pricing in lockstep for most products or investment opportunities. Beneath that they are vicious competitors. On the old Wall Street there were no more hated competitors than Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Believe me, little guy caught between the two, it was real and painful, but they were corporate citizens. With hedge funds the gloves are completely off. These are folks with no connection to any community, no employee plans, no moral compass whatsover, and now in this market disruption they are preying on each other. They are networked into clans, and if they see someone outside of their clan in trouble they short, short , short those stocks owned by the hedge fund in trouble. They are vicious and there is no honor in their game. I will say no more for fear of venturing into the world of the pc crowd, which I actually subscribe to. That said, they are repulsive folks.

The lesson for now seems to be, if a great mid cap stock is going down for no reason, don't buy it yet seems to be the rule. Some hedge fund is getting run out of the stock by competitors and it will be a better buy later. Ugly stuff, but better than listenting to McCain.


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