Sunday, December 07, 2008

"Cold Cash" defeated

This is a great story and it's not about political parties. Republican Joseph Cao defeated Democrat William "Cold Cash" Jefferson in a New Orleans congressional race. Jefferson was a nine term congressman representing an overwhelmingly Democratic and African American district. Cao will be the first Vietnamese American to go to Capitol Hill. Despite Jefferson's indictment for obvious crimes, it is still a major upset victory. In a city that today has a sizeable minority population of Vietnamese, most visibly as owners of so many of those old style small grocery, take-out, and spirits stores that are on every other corner, it's an example of persistance and inclusion that is inspiring.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the NYT today, speaking of Cao, is the following: "The central insight he appreciates from his philosophical masters, the Russian and French apostles of existentialism, is the rule for living that 'life is absurd but one cannot succumb to the absurdity of it".
Going to Congress, he'll get his dose of the absurd.

6:48 AM  

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