Monday, January 05, 2009

Republican business -- Step up to the plate

It's a truism that executive suites and boardrooms of U.S. companies large and small tend to have a higher percentage of Republicans than that reflected in the general population. It's now time for those GOP supporters to speak up and deal with obstructionist political hacks like Senators McConnell and Shelby.

It is clear that these Senators and others are gearing for an old style political fight when the Obama administration fiscal stimulus plan is formulated. Mitch from Kentucky has plenty to say about this but it all boils down to one point --- that he plans to make it as difficult as possible to get anything passed in any reasonable timeframe. Republicans of the business world unite! Infrastructure spending for mass transit, renewable energy, roads, bridges, school buildings and more will give your companies a boost. Engineering firms, there's work to be won and done. Manufacturers, you will sell more trucks, forklifts, building materials, road pavers, steel rods, fabricated metal, more of everything that will help your companies stay profitable. Consumer products companies, you will have more customers with some confidence in job security that will walk into the stores willing to part with a nickel.

Petitioning your fellow Republicans that are in office now will begin to have an impact. It's in your self interest to do that, and it is ultimately good for the economy. What's more true Republican than that. Go for it. Don't let those sour and backwards Senators from your party block timely passage of needed fiscal stimulus in this incredibly crucial period for our economy.

This is important. It's not about whether your son gets to marry his boyfriend or your brother in law can continue to collect semi-automatic weapons. It's about business.


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