Monday, September 28, 2009

Body bombs --- McCarry's future arrives

News reports this evening described a disturbing new phenomenon. Terrorists, specifically Al Qaeda, have begun a practice of inserting explosives within a suicide bomber's body that cannot be detected by any conventional means of screening. This techique was used in an assassination attempt on the head of Saudi counter-terrorism efforts. Never has the word asssassination been more appropriate.

What's interesting is that this technique was well known but has only now surfaced. It was a part of Charles McCarry's 1979 book "The Better Angels" in which Arab terrorists had explosives inserted into and sewn into their bodies in order to get close to their targets in a heavily controlled society in the future. That future was around the year 2000 and that future also included a global energy crisis, a stolen election through computer fraud(hanging chads were not quite the progress McCarry envisioned), a huge segment of the U.S. population imprisoned, the threat of planes being used for kamikaze like purposes over cities, and nuclear weapons looted from a failed Soviet Union by Islamic extremists.

This new development in terrorism is terrifying now when one thinks of air travel, as it was in McCarry's book published 30 years ago.


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