Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Putin's visit to Poland

Few have ever questioned the audacity of Vladmir Putin, a tyrant by any measure, but this week's visit to Poland has been appalling. Why would Poland even allow such an unapologetic Russian in its territory. He precedes his visit by releasing so-called "classified documents" that detail Polish government complicity with Nazi Germany.

The Russian massacre of 20,000 Polish officers at Katyn Forest is finally now well documented and the forced migrations at that time into slave labor is less so but fact, and that happened when their pact with Nazi Germany allowed Russia to take over Eastern Poland. What is less well documented is the "liberation" of Poland. It was approved at Yalta in a compromise with Stalin by the very sick Roosevelt and opposed by Churchill. The Russian troops that took over Poland attacked the rural areas out of any world attention, and raped almost any female between 10 and 60, and castrated and then hung males who rejected their authority. Apart from the Holocaust itself, "liberation" was a Mongol like devastation that only has Cambodia as a comparison in 20th century history.

That Putin can even pretend to represent any normalization with Poland, any common beliefs, is just bizarre and disgusting.


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