Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Virginia's 5th district in "The New Yorker"

In this week's New Yorker magazine George Packer's article, "Obama's Lost Year", uses Virginia's 5th congressional district as the example of some of the important issues and challenges that the economy faces. Freshman congressman Tom Perriello is featured prominently and the towns of Martinsville and to a lesser extent hometown Danville get attention. Packer is a good writer and the piece is well done, with a few minor errors that only a local would pick up.

The article is much bigger than the 5th district and much of it is a discussion of Obama's style of communication and whether he missed an opportunity to follow up on his election momentum, a balanced discussion that is worth reading.

And hey, that bridge in Danville that was mentioned here in a March 1 post on the stimulus spending is covered briefly, observation here confirmed.


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