Friday, August 06, 2010

"Get Low"

This film has the makings of a cult classic from day one.

Duvall plays Duvall, Murray plays Murray, Spacek plays Spacek. It works.

Early on, when old man Bush, the Duvall character, is asked what it had been like to be a hermit for over 40 years, his response is "the first 38 were the hardest". That more or less sets the tone.

Watching this movie, there seemed to be many memorable lines. I jotted them down on a small note pad in my in the dark theater scrawl. Looking at them now - "no gettin' over some things", "entertaining to watch but way too much trouble", "people don't mean what they say", "alive or dead, worst place is in between 'em" - they don't mean much of anything. It's the context and the delivery that makes these small observations come alive.

This is not a long film or a fast paced film or a hugely eventful film. It pulls the viewer into the atmosphere of another era and lets this southern folk tale based loosely on facts simply entertain and enchant. It got me.

The sound track is superb. Lucas Black, Gerald McRaney, and especially Bill Cobb are strong in supporting roles. Then there's one amazing baby.


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