Monday, September 13, 2010

New Google search keystroke system freezes

A few days ago the news about a new Google Search feature, that would identify search requests as one typed, sounded like another Google advance even if perhaps a bit too Orwellian. There two observations here. First, the predictive power of the suggested requests is not at all personal. No secrets revealed here. If I type in Ba, the first suggestion is Bank of America which has never been a Google search item here. It's not clear what the logic behind the suggestions is, as they don't necessarily seem to be the generally most popular either. Who knows. Second, and more importantly, entering visible keystrokes for a search is constantly halted by the new system as it seems to want the searcher to have time to examine each new offering of possibilities. This is annoying.

This cannot be what Google planned or, if it is, the reason is completely unclear. One of the major points of search is speed. This new system is a real drag on that.

Interestingly, this new "feature" is not visible on my smart phone browser. No suggested offerings and none but the usual New York wireless area slowdown there.

Oh, and I should note that this cable connection computer is working fine on all other fronts.


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