Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evil empires compete - Fox and Cable

The standoff between Fox and Cablevision here on Long Island and in the Philly area could be a blessing without disguise. We are relieved for a day of the Fox almost Nazi-like inexcusable exploitation of populist resentment on the one hand and we could see the fall of a private company now run by a spoiled, incompetent, crass, and megalomaniac hier to a formerly fine family business on the other.

I miss the Fox sports. I must decide whether this is it with Cablevision and go to Verizon Fios which is supposedly a better delivery. Problem is if your Verizon phone service goes dead, at least in the past, it could take two weeks to restore, whereas Cable is there within the day if your television or internet disrupts.

The spoiled James Dolan of Cablevision should simply be displaced or bought out. He works through proxies whose pockets depend on him. He fancies himself a rock star. A couple of years ago I went to see a revival of "The Blues Project" at the BBKing Club on 42nd Street. Unknown to me "JB and the 'whatevers'" was the opening act. Since I am no longer a regular at such venues I took it seriously for awhile especially since the audience had been stuffed with applauding Cablevision employees. No fool forever, however, it began feeling like I was at the Danville YWCA at an 8th grade dance, no disrespect to those better performers in Danville intended. I worried, and then came the real act, the real thing, and there was an infinite grasp of the joy of why I was there. This guy James Dolan buys ego time. He is a beyond words. On top of that, and maybe the worst, he has destroyed the New York Knicks, most notably relying on the known huckster Isiah Thomas who knows how to stroke the his ego with perfection.

He and his father blocked what would have been Mayor Bloomberg's signature project, that being a stadium over the far west side yards for sports and conventions(personal opinion is that it was a once in a lifetime sensational project in one of the few cities in the world that could have supported it). The Dolans are so insular and self serving and without any foresight or care about any concerns but their own control that it seems incomprehensible. Tell you the truth, their territory, the South Shore of Long Island, is like Alabama's Richard Shelby territory, it's Al D'Amato's power base, the foundation of Long Island's corrupt patronage government that exists beyond party boundaries, and Cablevision's hier with his record of no achievement as a youngster but lanquid behavior at SUNY Albany is just a part of all of that. How can you blame him. You couldn't if he didn't control a business worth billions.

Murdoch's Newscorp is Dolan on a global scale. A driven, successful, and mean father who succeeds but has no one to truly execute his morality free success except possibly his young asian wife who may be more powerful than her beauty hides. Local and global meet.

I missed the Giants and Phils tonight. I miss seeing McCovey Cove. I grew up a Giants fan as a Danville Leafs minor league fan. One year I knew Willie McCovey from the required distance in those days when he was 18 or 19 and I was 8 or 9 - Danville Leafs. I once leaned over the dugout with Nehi orange soda in hand when Willie was in the batters box and yelled "hit a home run", and he stepped up and swiped a curving line drive over the right field fence. Missing our baseball is a big deal.

I may delete this tomorrow but these guys, the Dolans and the Murdochs are totally...


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