Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planting my annuals

No market commentary, no politics, no book comments, and no opinions worthy of debate are here today. This post is about planting flowers, inspired no doubt by J's Human Flower Project, a website about flowers that goes way beyond flowers. Flowers are the cover, a beautiful one there.

Here the annuals needed to go in. Almost two weeks ago they were purchased. First was a deck of the usual Impatiens of various colors that were named "Super Elfin Rose", and this year included some unusual bright orange ones that almost looked fake. Second was a deck of Begonias aka "Bada Bing Scarlet", nothing Sopranos about them really but all with the bright green almost shiny leaves and the red flowers struttin' their stuff. Third was Celosia, new here and named "Kimono mix". These are spiky looking flowers, like tiny Christmas trees, with distinct dark reds, bright yellows, and muted purples, all needing direct sun.

When purchased there was a day of planting in the front and side yards that left me surprisingly sore. That was unexpected. I guess all of that bending and standing and kneeling is not routine enough these days. The pleasure of having jeans, hands, and nails covered with dirt must have made for too much enthusiasm. That day accounted for two thirds of the flowers. Then it rained for a week and a half and the remainder sat on the patio table and survived while I contemplated where to plant them, and when I would have the chance.

Then, almost coincidentally, I decided, with the help of my tree service guy who had come by to assess a thinning out job on the giant oak and the gorgeous Sassafras, to remove a rotting formerly white wooden fence that surrounded the backyard. Big job, big improvement, everything looks bigger and removing the fence opened up the opportunity for new beds beneath the six foot shrubs that separate our yard from the next. Rain free finally, today was the second day of planting. Somehow the planting day of two weeks ago seems to have conditioned my body somewhat for the motions required and Advil seems unnecessary.

Today was beautiful, even hot which is fine here. Shirt off and digging in dirt, little pleasures more or less free. Now we wait for the results which by July will likely be fully evident. With a little water early on, these annuals are generally foolproof, as they need to be.

Patience now, and something to look forward to week by week.


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