Friday, July 08, 2011

Eyes Not Sold search keywords

On May 28th, this year, I posted a comment about my late realization that Google kept accessible data on their free blogspot service, and have done so since May 2009. There is country of origin data which I previously highlighted, but there is also URL data, usual suspects and not especially analyzable by me, Referring Sites led again by the usual - Google,, Yahoo, Facebook... and then there is Search Keywords top ten list.

For this blog eight of the top ten are more or less expected, John Borden at the top, five variations of eyesnotsold, two related to JPM, and then two more. One is not really a surprise and that is John McGillicuddy. A note here on his passing apparently is still read. He influenced so many people. The other top ten seach keyword is "what to do with leftover corn on the cob". I certainly wrote something about this, no idea when, but that seems to be my contribution to the food world. Nothing like my daughter Lynna and her thoughtful blog, but somehow noticeable?


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