Thursday, August 18, 2011

Volatility or ...

Is volatility an indicator of a leaderless society?

Recent radical volatility in financial markets, in political opinions, and maybe even in personal lives is not a healthy sign. How obvious is that statement.

It is a sign of no confidence. In a way it's a throwing in the towel by the general popualace. In a more sinister way it's perhaps a subconcious but still real manipulation of both finanical markets and political outcomes by an extremely privileged few for extracting ever more financial gains and political power.

This is the outcome of a vacuum of real political leadership, the kind of leadership that stands for principle and not solely self preservation and attention seeking. There's the Sarkozy Merkel tandem. Have co-CEO's ever worked. There's Obama's worthy and well worded but empty platitudes that leave nothing to grasp the imagination. There is a U.S. Congress that seems oblivious to the world scene. There's a reeling Japan. There's a United Kingdom doing its best to keep its own house in check and paying no attention to the global situation. And then there's the behemoth China, awash in funds with the U.S. still the haven and deathly afraid of political upheavel in their own country that makes economic distresss in the U.S. and elsewhere seem paltry.

Maybe some leaders in New Zealand, Switzerland, or Andorra make some sense but who knows and who cares. And only Michelle Bachman sees herself as having been anointed by God.

We can take it day by day and do our best to help ourselves and those around us. No leadership from traditional real powers seems to be forthcoming. No leader or leaders seem capable of galvanizing support for solutions. This is not only a concern. It could open the door to something more dangerous.


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