Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One more thing about Jeremy Lin

What could be added to all that has been written about Jeremy Lin in the past eight days. Here's one that catches our attention.

Watching parts of every game here, this observation stands out almost as much as his clutch shooting and daredevil acrobatic drives to the basket. When Coach Mike D'Antoni calls a timeout and the camera focuses in, there are times when D'Antoni makes some comments and then Lin takes over, intensely talking to his teammates circled around. On the floor it's the same. Last night when the Raptors had a half second to throw up a three on a final play, it was Lin on the floor who was seemingly instructing his team mates circled around him as he pointed out where everyone should be.

Six games as a starter and he seems to be the leader of the team. Some great players, on defense and offense, have spectacular careers yet never take on or are given that role.

Let's see how long this can continue. Obviously the streak can't continue. This is not college basketball. One can wonder how long Lin can hold up. At a skinny 6 foot three inches, he takes a lot of punishment. Last night on a drive to the basket in the fourth quarter he was crushed on three sides by muscular giants, the entire front line of the Raptors. I have heard of being sandwiched, so I guess that was being Big Macked. Lin looked like he couldn't get up at first, but he did and not surprisingly missed both free throws.

Undeterred as everyone who follows this knows, he recovered to score the final six Knicks point and get the win.


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