Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow does not belong in New York, please

The effort by the New York Jets to hire Tim Tebow has hit some sort of pay or contractual snag. Thank goodness. He really does not belong in New York.

That's not because he's a real gamer, an unusual winner, and a team player. It's simply because his overt and almost pompous religious pose is not New York. "Pompous" is the wrong word, but that is how some will perceive it here. Despite his good works and his devotion to his faith, this area is too multi-cultural and too honestly cynical to warm to Tebow's attention grabbing God focused antics.

Sure he would be great when the Jets needed the wild cat offense to befuddle opponents. He would be a capable and composed back up to the erratic Sanchez, who is unlikely to ever be the franchise quarterback that the management pretends that he is. Tebow would never be that franchise quarterback either, because he is a terrible passer by any measure. He can make a few great throws, but on the whole his receivers will all be totally disheartened, having to make all the effort on catches with very few delivered perfectly.

Whoever even started this Tebow dialogue in Jets management should have their head examined, for the team and the fans. Here's hoping he heads off to Jacksonville or some Santorum voting place in the so-called heartland.


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