Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why not try another social media writing site

Writing is a form of relaxation here, without special sensitivity to the amount of talent that is brought to the table and done spontaneously at almost all times.  I signed up for this blogspot site nine years ago as soon as a friend told me about it.  The "Eyes Not Sold" name was created without any thought that it would live on, in fact need to live on.  No post categorizations were input, and then it eventually became too late to do so.  Without any forethought of consequence, ENS became a part of my life.

At about the same time LinkedIn was joined.  A brief resume type questionnaire was filled out of course, but there was no follow up on my part.  Occasionally there was a look at the site to see what showed up, but I  had no real interest.  Unless some perfect job came from out of nowhere, and it didn't, there was no follow up.  Despite all of that, it seems that my experience was not within the norm.  The stock after the IPO should have been bought.

Then the same friend more or less badgered me to sign up for Facebook.  At first there was no interest here at all.  For several years my "friend's" list totaled seven.  Then over time a few more "friends" approached and were added and a few were actually approached from here.  There was still little comfort with the site.  Then somehow high school classmates and hometown acquaintances became the core of Facebook here, and the "friends" list grew.  If someone wanted to be friended, a why not attitude developed.  The friend's list reached around 90 a couple of years ago and has remained static. Occasionally a comment comes from here, but mostly now I scan Facebook a couple of times a week and check a few likes, and infrequently add a comment.  It is not a major focus, and one ridiculously simple reason is that I no longer take any photos.  That's the core of Facebook it seems.  Everyone seems to have a wonderful life.  To suggest otherwise would be bad taste.  After all of that, relatively speaking there is a big investment here in Facebook stock, most bought after its initial collapse.

A year or so ago Twitter was signed up for, but that just didn't make sense.  Within days of signing up several people sent requests to join or follow them, I don't know which, but they were generally speaking people from my prior work life whose backs I had been pleased to see.  No interest here in going in that direction again.  The other thing about Twitter is that it seems to be a way for name brand people, with the help of their pr minions, to build followers, and for followers to get their kicks by identifying with the name brands.  And 140 characters, Twitter just didn't add up for this writer.  Still, while remaining completely skeptical, there were some shares of TWTR bought here after the recent collapse.  If there is any comfort to be found, more will be bought at this price.  Trash rules.

Now, and to the point of this meandering post, Medium has been joined.  Some writing was done there tonight, or maybe it should be called cribbing, as it was from a post here that was just marginally rewritten.  By writing something, I am trying to figure out how Medium works.  It looks time consuming, but it may be worthwhile.  More to come...

Are Tumblr and Instagram far behind.  Yes,  they probably are.  


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