Friday, July 04, 2014

Should I get a tat

Since watching "Broken Circle Breakdown" I've been wondering about this, even well before.  Who cares now.  Who sees me now in any full body pose over and over again at home with door closed from others, the beach or gym, at a doctor's office, wherever,  and who cares where, once again I say who cares.  But what would one say on a tat that might need to be removed later, or might be just hopelessly sentimental.

It occurs to me that this is the attraction of symbols, that they mean something to a large enough group of people to not be too specific but for marking one's line in the sand. One could say that for the Christian cross, the Nazi swastika, the Star of Judaism, the peace symbol that began in the 1960's, and maybe the Zen stacks of rocks.  I hate, hate, to mentions the swastika but that it is now being revived in Greek and Hungarian political parties, and used as a verbal assault to some extent by the Russians, as in Putin or course, attacking the Ukraine(Ukraine government is not Nazi, the prime minister is Jewish for God's sake), and now it can't be ignored. But the question is, as with words, do they tie one's body to a point of view.  Maybe that's great for some, maybe not so great for others, especially young people.

A former compulsively accomodative and gregariously talented Kentucky friend of mine (whose daughter I keep in touch with from time to time because I enjoyed helping to raise her when she was really young, taught her how to ride a bike etc.), has lived with his second and apparently devoted wife in New Zealand for at least 15 years(have not seen him in maybe 20 years) and is apparently an aficionado of tats. Who knows what this somewhat renegade but genetically dedicated and capable Episcopal minister would do.  Maybe he has children name's tats, or maybe car names, or then again intricate artistic designs.  Who knows, but I guess the word is that he is tatted and I am almost certain that it would be in style and well done, and give the impression of a deep thinker.  I played and enjoyed immensely tons of basketball games and tennis doubles matches with him, but never saw him crack a book or rarely read a newspaper.  Oh well, he was a really good man, and both of us were not always so by conventional standards.

As to the beginning of this the question was, should I get a tat.  I see a couple of relatively small, tasteful, and thoughtful ones in open places on younger daughter and don't want to know any more.

I would need a lightening strike and an immediate bolt of brilliance or stupidity to decide.  Maybe never, or maybe some life changing or ending events, who knows what, but a tat is unlikely to be in my future.  Just an unlikely thought brought on by the film, but not impossible.


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