Saturday, March 28, 2015

Basketball and the financial markets

One would think that these two have little in common, and they would be right.  The first full basketball game that was watched here this year was last night's Louisville/N.C. State game.  It was a great tight tough game until the last five minutes, when my favorite Louisville walked or ran away almost easily.  Right now ESPN tells us that Notre Dame is leading unbeaten Kentucky with 10 minutes to play.  That will be one to check if it's close with five minutes left.

Right now the stock market, or financial markets in general, have my attention.  The Weekend WSJ is often a good read, both market stories and features.  Today a column named "The Intelligent Investor" suggests that "an average return of 2% annually, after inflation and fees, from a typical portfolio of stocks and bonds over the coming decade or so" is what many leading investment analysts expect. After our post great recession six year bull market in equities, that sounds almost preposterous, but is it.  Who would have expected the fixed income markets that have existed for the last six years, basically zero short term interest rates and having the ability to get a post tax return of no more that 1.5% for giving your money to the government or your bank for 10 years, that's 10 years.

So what's more interesting, basketball or the financial markets?  Which doesn't have advertising?Time to check on that game.


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