Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CNBC's irritating thematic programming

On CNBC two days ago, Monday morning, Jim Cramer was doing his usual "know it all" patter.  The market was looking negative, and when asked about the near term market beyond that day he put on his hangdog face and said something like "nothing good".  He was showcasing his "brilliance" to explain why everything was negative for the equity market.  As often is the case, the market was up Tuesday and is so far today.

It is hard to see how he has the gall to get back on the air day after day when he is so frequently and blatantly incorrect.  He, and CNBC, sell fear to keep viewers tuned in.  That sounds like a broken record here, but it is viewed as intentionally insulting and patronizing to the viewing public. Especially on the morning show, CNBC has some thoughtful and important guests that attract attention, but why they go on the program to be interrupted constantly by hack reporters, and be forced to listen to Cramer's constant obsequious comments when he is in the presence of anyone whose praise he covets, who knows.

A wonderful counterpoint this morning was on Bloomberg television.  They had an uninterrupted 20 plus minute interview with Michael Bloomberg and Lloyd Blankfein together.  Hearing their views with the interviewer asking intelligent questions about the market and society and just letting them freely answer was informative and insightful.  It will be listened to again later here to follow up on all that was so calmly and intelligently said, and to pat myself on the back for already agreeing with almost everything.


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