Sunday, July 05, 2015

Deluge from Facebook

Sometime in the last week or two Facebook began sending all posts that are just "liked", "tagged", or "commented" on by anyone on my "friends" list.  Since some people on this "friends" list are apparently Facebook obsessives, the Facebook notes received here have gone from maybe 10 each day to maybe 50 or more each day.  Nothing has been changed in the settings here.

There are days that Facebook is not used or looked here at all.  Now when opened there are overwhelming number of posts, making notes from my actual friends difficult to find.  It may be time to drop Facebook completely.  Their added advertisements are one thing, but this sharing of full posts of every like, tag, or comment makes this site almost useless.

With a significant gain in the stock, it may be time to sell as well.

Postscript:  I have looked at my settings and spoken with a couple of Facebook friends and do not think that this is the case with my "likes" or "comments",  meaning that to the best of my knowledge "liking" something does not mean everyone on my friends list gets that complete post.  If anyone knows other wise, Please let me know.  Why all of a sudden this has happened to the Facebook page here, the deluge, is still a mystery.


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