Friday, August 28, 2015

Driving around

Out to buy some food for dinner at North Shore Farms, I found myself unable to find a parking spot that worked, too high up the hill for my walk.  Driving out, the radio was tuned to Siri's Outlaw Country with Mojo Nixon.  The music was so good that I could have driven around aimlessly for an hour, which is just about what I did. Gas is cheap, and for this man it was cheap thrills.  The sound system is fine, the car is irrelevant in its unnoticed smooth function, and drifting around our town is relaxing.

Mojo's choice of music is exceptional for the most part.  It is rarely something from some artist or band that I recognize, and in the car I never have the ability to note who is being heard.  That is not a problem, it is just the joy of serendipity.  Earlier there was some semi-anthem type music on by a person/band that started with an L, and the singer had a fine gravelly type folk/country voice.  It was pull over on the side of the road good.

Driving around one can see the changes here.  So many.  There are houses being razed that are not much different from ours.  They are on good lots and not that old.  Our house was built in 1972 by a money focused oncologist, and it was meant to be the best that can be built without inherited wealth, which means that there were always areas of this town that could not be duplicated, or even found. With the finance and investment banking industry being the base of this town, that has all been changed.  It would not surprise us if the ground that our house stands on is worth far more than our treasured house.  Book cases on three levels, I do not look like a hoarder... but if we move?

The drive was a relief.  Our volatile market, our personal up in the air real estate transactions, the estates being settled, all of this keeps me awake at night.  This afternoon's musical ride was a time to lay back and drive.  I do like to drive.  I do like music.  I do like taking a break from talking to strange caretakers.


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