Saturday, November 21, 2015

Traffic may not be too festive for the holidays

This Saturday afternoon in our small town and in neighboring areas the traffic was overwhelming.  I ventured out at mid-afternoon to buy some food for dinner at North Shore Farms, one of the more interesting area grocery stores and the one with the largest and on most days the best prepared food selection.  My usual comment on the store, said many times, is that "the parking lot always looks full but you will always find a spot."  Not today.  In fact the parking lot with one entrance and one outlet was so crowded that I spent ten minutes stuck there with no food to show for it.  Circling back around 15 minutes later hoping for a let up, there was no change visible so I drove on.

The next destination of hope was Whole Foods.  Getting there was bumper to bumper down the same road.  I couldn't find a radio station with any music that was interesting, and not being a market day Bloomberg was useless.  I was clearly beginning to fray. Whole Foods and few other stores in the same location have an L shaped parking lot the size of a football field and guess what, no parking except a partial spot at the farthest point away, and there were no carts nearby to ease the long journey.   Abandoning that idea meant heading to our town, which was an exceptionally bad idea but at that point I was not thinking clearly.

Into the middle of the town, what became immediately clear was that the quaint old triplex movie theater with good films was attracting people from far and wide.  Not only were there not parking spots in the main town parking lot, there were none at Rite Aid's heavily monitored lot where I could have bought a Weekend Wall Street Journal as an excuse to go across the street to A&F Market, expensive, friendly, and the right place to go anytime if fresh cut meat is on the menu.  Anything could have been on the menu at that point.

It was time to go home.  Well over an hour out and nothing to show for it.  That's with Thanksgiving not yet here.  Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a time for logistics and serious planning of food acquisition.  Does that sound festive?  It's time to get the wreath ordered so it will be.


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