Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The fascinating Kentucky Democratic party primary finish

Yesterday's closing votes in the Clinton/Sanders contest in Kentucky were highly entertaining.  With 96% of the votes in, Sanders had a slight lead.  Four or five counties in the state still had not finished counting all of the votes.  One of them was Jefferson County, that's Louisville and the metro area, and it is the largest county by population in the state by far.

The interesting thing was that in the hour before this, other counties were creeping along with their vote counts but Jefferson County had not budged.  It had 17% of their vote count to finish then and still had the same chore ahead.  If any county in Kentucky could be said to have a Democratic machine, it would be the one that Louisville calls its home.  It could occur to some cynics that this hold up could be a convenient way to see who needed how many votes.  Louisville was certain Clinton territory. As it turned out, as the state total votes counted moved from 96% to 99% Clinton jumped ahead.  She got a much needed win that was a face saver more than any real victory.

Someone should point this out to Bernie.  Since he's already "jumped the shark" with his supporters behavior in Nevada, this could only lead to a further red faced showing of different side of his persona. I have never used that phrase in speech or a written comment in my life, but two wonderful good humored people who once worked for me were always using it back and forth.  For the most part I had no idea what they were talking about.  Now we have a perfect example.


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