Monday, August 22, 2016

Wall Street Journal delivery

We have forever had home delivery of the New York Times here, but as of today the Wall Street Journal will come as well.  It is clearly an attempt to create as big a mess as possible around my reading chairs.

Rather than just pick up the Journal at the drug store or the grocery store when seeing that the articles look interesting, this will be a reliable way to see it every day.  This is a result of an offer received in the mail, for new subscribers, to get 6 months of WSJ delivery at a cost of $99.  As Donald Trump might say, "What have I got to lose?"  Of course there will be an automatic renewal at a higher rate, but that's six months from now, which is forever based on what's happening here, and it can be canceled.

The Journal is good complement to the Times.  For example, today had an article about the company Kimberly Clark, which over the past four years has been a significant and highly productive investment here.  I now know much more about why this has been the case and it's not been solely because Huggies, Depends, and Kleenex are necessities for many and are category leaders.  The article "Stimulus Efforts Get Weirder" is a look at how central banks of many countries are doing more creative or misguided initiatives to get any type growth out of their economies.  Another piece, "Silicon Valley Gives Trump Cold Shoulder", is just what it says.

Of course, with the Journal one must be willing to put up with or ignore some of what they print, like an op-ed today by John Bolton lauding Donald Trump's foreign policy.  That's based solely on one teleprompter speech read last week, and ignores everything that Trump has said, and seems to believe, over at least the last nine months.  Those articles can be ignored here, or read for entertainment.

While the WSJ can now be seen fully online as well, reading a newspaper in a chair is much preferred here to sitting and looking at a screen.  Old habits die hard.  The recycling bag will get bigger.


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