Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The last debate tonight

What happens tonight in the debate between Trump and Clinton is not really looked forward to, more dreaded than seen as something to enjoy.  If it could be constructive and issues focused on, that would be welcome.  With Trump's antics and front row invitations, that seems unlikely.

Trump's rants about a "rigged election" should not be debated.  They should be dealt with quickly and dismissively.  Clinton surrogates, including her unimpressive campaign spokesperson, have said that since Trump is losing his comments about the election are a last ditch effort.  Advice to Clinton from here would be to not declare victory too soon and just try to discuss issues at every turn.  When Trump brings up e-mails, the Clinton foundation, and speaking fees, deal with them succinctly and move on.  When Trump says things like "she meets in secrecy with international banks to plot the destruction of  U.S. sovereignty", just say that is a complete fabrication and absolutely incorrect.
Don't debate lies.  If Trump brings up the ridiculous Rudy Giuliani or the patsy Chris Christie, just roll your eyes and ignore him.

Remember readers during the primaries when the debates were entertaining, at times a reason to laugh.  Here it's difficult to get back to that frame of mind.  Hillary Clinton is who we have, issues notwithstanding, and Trump is becoming more unhinged and repulsive by the day.  It is not out of line to say he is becoming "dangerous to our democracy".

The most disturbing aspect of this election is how many voters, even if no more than an astounding 40%, seem to be all in for Trump, regardless of what he says.  Ha Ha Ha... not laughing here now but hoping to be in a more detached mood by debate time tonight, looking for the absurd rather than the pathetic.


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