Tuesday, May 02, 2017

HRC is unstoppable

Hillary Clinton is back and talking, more than ever.  She is not the future.  She is not even the present. As said in a post on April 7th, she should never have been in such a vulnerable position in early November.  Her self-centered unfocused campaign sacrificed the issues that many support to her personal whims. Listening to her out of touch young campaign manager Robby Mook above all else, she displayed her need for obsequious help.  Now that she is becoming more outspoken about the reasons for her loss, it is becoming clear that there was no good outcome available in the election. Trump is a dangerous man, but with Hillary there would have been no direction known.  She too would have been scrutinized for competence.

Just as Donald Trump could ultimately destroy the Republican party if its adherents don't eventually stand up to him, Hillary Clinton could destroy the Democratic Party by persisting in representing herself and her husband as the avatars of the Party.  At the moment Tom Perez and Keith Ellison have no clout or significance, but others could rise up, and they will if a normal progression is allowed. Just a strong opinion here, but she must step back.  She is not just "an activist citizen" as she said today.  She is an activist self promoter with a minimal core following.


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