Thursday, July 06, 2017

Trump to meet with Putin

Today Trump visited Poland and raised the issue of whether the West the "will have the will to defend our civilization."  This is a text obviously written by Steve Bannon to promulgate his nationalist agenda in a way that would appeal to Trump's macho needs.  Trump found time to bash CNN, defend his retweet of the CNN body slam video, trash NBC, and tell the world about "fake news".  Is he a class act or not?  Taking his ego on the road hardly fits in Air Force One.

Putin must relish his opportunity to meet with Trump.  There is no downside for him and every chance that he will tip Trump into making boastful statements plus declarations of his camaraderie with Putin and their shared ideals.  And that's just for starters.  Any actions that Trump may take related to North Korea will almost surely, hopefully surely, be restrained, yet the President will wave his big stick anyway with his small hands.  Don't hold your breath for any Putin compromises on Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, or for sanctions against North Korea.  Whatever Putin says, that Trump will use as a way to showcase his foreign policy chops, will not turn into any action.  If Trump even dares to bring up election tampering with Putin, he will apologize for doing so even as 17 U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously agree that it happened.  Trump said today that "nothing has been proved". That is certainly a supportive statement?

The mainstream press will rush to find away to be "balanced" in their coverage.  That Trump is a complete embarrassment to our nation will not be said.  That Trump is a danger to our way of life cannot be said.


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