Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 --- snooze day

Soon to put Thanksgiving dinner together.  There's food from North Shore Farms, Cippolini Pronto, and our kitchen, black bean soup made yesterday.  It will turn into a dinner of sliced turkey breast, apple and sausage stuffing, NSF's  store made turkey gravy, roasted brussel sprouts(spiced with bacon, a clever way to make them edible and not too healthy), and a salad made with what's available.  This is all done for the purpose of some sort of continuity of tradition.

Off to the kitchen.  Results later.  Oh, cranberry sauce forgotten.  Lapse will probably not be noticed.

It is noted that last year on Facebook I simply wrote "No Politics, Happy Thanksgiving".  That was of course soon after the election.  It received a number of "likes".  The result of a Trump presidency could be foreseen but had not yet been experienced.  Today that thought could not be maintained.  FB entry today was making fun of the turkey Steve Mnuchin.  It's not really funny, but somehow can't be put aside.  He needs to be done, well done.  "Likes" are not expected.

It was a good dinner.  Kathy ate well in her diminished way.  Tradition maintained, so happy Thanksgiving.  Best of luck to tomorrow's shoppers, another tradition that must miss K.


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