Friday, July 27, 2018

Short takes...

--- Here in New York State there are political advertisements for Andrew Cuomo running mutiple times a day on all major networks.  He has no serious competitive opposition, at least that is the general consensus.  He appears to be setting up a presidential campaign which he would surely lose if  he by chance became the 2020 Democratic  candidate.  Just in the last few days he has added free four year college for all who are not upper middle class to his promises, echoing or competing with Elizabeth Warren(another national non-electable candidate).  Warren at least seems sincere, plus ambitious at all costs, but Cuomo is pure ego with a weak track record.  Yet he is undeniably setting up to run.  Where all of his advertising money is coming from is unknown, but being a successful New York politician has traditionally been lucrative.

---Speaking of New York, the city, and their attack on Uber and Lyft is amazing.  Has anyone ever tried to get a licensed yellow cab in the outer boroughs, especially at night. They still rarely exist.  Even in Manhattan on a day of bad weather, waits can be daunting to impossible.  Uber and their likes need some oversight but the city wants them at the trough of legalized bribes that characterize the traditional yellow cab industry.  Still preposterous governance.

---There is this phrase in the lead Talk of the Town article in this week's New Yorker, "In truth, however, many Republicans are more comfortable with Trump that they care to admit."  Sorry to suggest this, but that should be expanded to "many Americans".  This supremely ill informed demagogue channels the uneducated gut reactions of large segments of this country.  We can hope for his fall as the 7/30 New Yorker cover suggests, but exaggerated concern should be the dominant thought of those concerned, and it is not exaggerated.

---Trump's understanding of healthcare, economics, and trade is so limited that it should be viewed as embarrassing.  As President the news commentators mostly try to treat him seriously.  Among administration officials, the leading whore of late is Larry Kudlow, a conservative but mostly thoughtful television economist for many years(by the way, he has no degree in economics).  Always in favor of limited regulation and free trade, he now backs every Trump statement, no matter how contrary to everything he espoused during his career.

---It is clear that the economy is doing well, but the dynamics of a strong economy are not a six month event after tax cuts.  The groundwork for economic growth is years in the making, and much of what is going on dates back to actions by Barack Obama and, as much as I hate to say it, even George Bush.  Trump only praises himself, even as he is in the midst of destroying long term global marketing arrangements for farmers.

---And finally, the huge EU penalty on Google is not based on research or analysis of any type, just an exercise of power by petty European bureaucrats who have no understanding of the pace of change in technology..  Read what almost any informed expert says about this.


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