Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Brief comments...

---Elizabeth Warren more or less made a fool of herself in the last day.  Her DNA test stunt will backfire.  Craving attention, she took up Trump on his challenge about her distant heritage and dropped right down to his level.  She would never win a national election, so can't be upset by her action.

---Melania Trump has taken a step into the media spotlight recently with her Africa trip and a major interview.  She should have stayed in the shadows.  With her callous right wing opinions she revealed, in her own words and her distinct accent, that she sounds like the way Nazis were portrayed in old World War II films.

---The stock market is having what is called an "oversold rebound" today.  The reason for the bounce back eludes me.  Steady as an investor, I don't mind.  Tech leads the way as that was being punished partially for political reasons rather than financial analysis results, so that makes sense.  The guess here is that when Jim Cramer on CNBC last Thursday was emphatic that it was far too soon to buy, shaking his head in his pompous way, that was the signal.  Time for a rally.  He is wrong more often than not.  Joking about his actual impact as he is a maven for retail investors, not real players.  What's next is unknown.

---Recently various pundits and supposed analysts on CNBC have once again begun touting international stocks as the right place to be.  For their audience, it is almost always the wrong place to be.  An investor can own international through multi-national U.S. stocks, and have the benefit of the most transparent capital market in the world.

---American League --- favor Boston for sure.   National League --- undecided, although leaning toward L.A., as Dodgers vs. the Red Sox would be like old time baseball card collecting days.  Who were the Brewers and Astros in the late 1950's.


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