Tuesday, December 04, 2018

This dire market...

This will be a brief comment.  Over the last two months, opinions here on the U.S.equity market have been cautious.  It appears that the near term outlook is becoming dire.  Near term is three months, not Thursday or the next few weeks.  This is a time to both sell and buy here, and that is not a usual approach.  I endured and will not repeat all of the gibberish on CNBC today.  The "panelists" could be right, but they all say the same boring things, not to be repeated here. They all play it safe, and are just looking for personal exposure.

I will say few things about what was done here today.  Southwest Airlines was added to as oil prices are coming down and they are primarily domestic carriers.  UPS was sold.  Not a long term position and the Amazon ramp up of their delivery capabilities could have a big impact.  FEDEX has capital gains not factored into this year's tax planning, and they are a better run company so stayed with that.  Two recent positions, one banking and one retail, were sold.  My recent choice to invest in them was based on long ago personal knowledge, and if "Tariff Man" is really on a course  to punish investors with his pride and stupidity, no reason to hold them now, can always come back.  Also added to PYX. Maybe a crazed decision but they announced new cannabis positions this morning, and feel like the chance of some company buying them could be real.  They are cheap, and could be acquired for a relatively small amount that would not be small for existing shareholders, TOTALLY a BET here that I could lose.

Need some Tilray product after that.


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