Sunday, June 23, 2019

Questions for tomorrow...

--- Is the "Special Relationship" between the United States and Great Britain now characterized by Donald Trump and Boris Johnson?  Could they become blood brothers?

--- What does the equivalent of $13 trillion dollars of global sovereign debt, now issued at negative interest rates, imply?  It means, for example, that an investor could lend a country $10 million and at the end of ten years they get less than the that back.  That sounds like free money.  It creates a need for returns that sends investors into equities, as well as real estate or alternative investments available only to institutions and major fund managers.

--- Finding new investment opportunities is difficult in this environment.  Will investors soon back off?  A few stabs at new investments recently here have had mixed results here.  Poor investment choices in SAIL and GNW turned around meaningfully last week but remain underwater. Verdict still out, way out, drowning still possible.

---New investments in AVP and AIG have, on the other hand, been bizarrely positive.  Everyone remembers that credit crisis dog AIG but AVP, that's Avon Products.

--- Why does John Bolton show up at the edge of so many photos with Trump?  Is it like "Where's Waldo", is he just showing off his mustache, or does it imply that he is at the edge of reality?

--- Will the new programs "City on a Hill" on Showtime and "Euphoria" on HBO become "must watch" television?  Second episodes of both tonight.  It's possible.



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