Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas 2019

We're still here. A friend visited yesterday. She brought Cardenal Mendoza as a gift.   I contemplate my good fortune. The Virginia tradition that I grew up in was that Christmas mornings were allowable for church and good cheer.  After church good cheer meant eggnog, brandy, or a glass or three of wine with family gathered.  Big dinner in early afternoon, scraps supper and clean up in the evening.  Toasting a glass of Cardenal Mendoza at the moment to all of you. That's Spanish for a religious beverage I think.  Must be.  Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Market rising, no blarney?

---This first week of December was one of stock picking, actively remixing and adding.  With trading commissions gone away, friction free trading is another incentive.  Retail investors like myself certainly can't move the market, so trading obliviously and freely is an option.  Add a little of this, sell a little of that, say goodbye to that tired maxed out holding, and take a flyer on something new.  Hmm, need to stop and think.  Are things going too well?

---I fail to understand the furor over that Peloton advertisement.  When it dropped 10%, a position was started.  Little thought was given to this decision, as a few days ago a friend recommended that she introduce me to someone by saying "she's a Peloton instructor".  Sure, that sounds positive.  BUY.  That's Peter Lynch style research in this type of market?  Heck, I'm dabbling in PYX again and restarted a position in Goldman Sachs after their Malaysia debacle finally seems contained.  Then again, the entire position in Kraft Heinz was sold, despite it being a major Warren Buffett investment with a modest gain.  Buying brands with moats has always been one of his beliefs, but who wants a moat around Cheez Whiz, Oscar Meyer, Kool Aid, Lucky Charms, Cool Whip and an array of brands from the 1950's, even if they own the everlasting Ketchup market.  Maybe these brands are still blockbusters in Brazil and with expats in Asia, but developing markets will develop.

---The NYT article on Pete Hamill today, or maybe it's part of last Sunday's edition, was a great read. Still writing, barely walking, has an intelligent dedicated wife, a life surrounded by books, and back in his childhood neighborhood in Brooklyn and writing about it.  No more stickball., no more Breslin, no more booze, no more roaming around the City, but she's a good partner and he's doing well for now.

---Watched "The Fugitive" last night for the umpteenth time, but it has been maybe five years since last seen.  What a great old style American movie.  It was really involving, as my memory must be receding a tad.  Into the third season of TREME now, still some left to watch thankfully as college football and the NBA do nothing for me, and there are slim pickin's on the movie channels.

And that's absolutely everything that I have to say today, while Avoiding Politics.