Friday, March 27, 2020

Places of virus

--- New York City, Nassau County NY, and New Orleans are top hits of the week for Carona19 in the U.S., must be Glendale, Arizona next.  No joke, I hate seeing the streets of my major places here and around the world empty.  Gives me the feeling of "at least I have been there", not a positive way to think.  Hey, television guys, show me those empty streets of Paris, London, Venice, and Vienna once again. Amsterdam omitted for some reason.  Are you there?  Good choice.

---Looking at equity accounts, they are impossible to deal with now.  Just watching mostly, trimming a few and adding to a few, but must admit adding to secured government cash accounts.  Bought Boeing on Wednesday, just way too low that day.  Sold some early year purchased mid-cap tech stocks that looked promising earlier, did the research, but liquidity concerns led me to give up on them for now.  Aka, sold them.

---Not to be morbid, but various recent obits show some lower east side raised New York tough guys and same in Boston southies who were in my business not with us anymore.  A few like Cooperman from the Bronx still around, making sense but talking his book.  As to JP, lower east side dialect and always ready to yell and curse at me, he became a true friend, one of those ManHan guys who could not accept me at first.  Fine person, dedicated to family, church, and his job, and you only had to really know him to understand that.

---As to old friends, Dick Kovacovich on CNBC again today, former Wells Fargo CEO.  Still around, and an incredibly nice person who became my pal at big events where finding someone to talk with was paramount, needing to look engaged. He was already President of Norwest, and just liked to talk about anything in a smart way and drink a bit (Danville note, reminded me of Butch).  He recommends PNC as a buying opportunity, but too early for me.  Bill Miller still out there, my age, his suggestions interesting, worth looking at, but still talking his book.  Cooperman, formerly of Goldman, was once impossible to get an "audience" with, and now is a regular on CNBC.  Talking his book still somewhat, mostly restraining his robust language, but eager to be remembered for his considerable charitable giving now.  He should be.


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