Thursday, January 05, 2006

"the Onion" lives

Picked up a copy of "the Onion" today for the first time in a long while. The lead story, "Plan To Straighten Out Entire Life During Weeklong Vacation Yields Mixed Results", felt a little too familiar. "This was the week all the shit that I'd been putting off for years-big and small-was going to get done", said the subject Derek Olson. "I did pay my gas bill, but then I lost the envelope somewhere on the way to the mailbox". Derek's photo is perfect.

And then my 18 year old daughter saw the paper folded on the kitchen table revealing one of those non story headlines and photos with the headline, "Cosmopolitan Offers 15 Tips For Fattening Up For Winter". It got her for a minute, before she realized that it was "the Onion". She says that one of her college classmates in St. Louis actually has a paid subscription.

It's all goofs and ads here, except that the multiple brief reviews in the Cinema and Music sections are straightforward and spot on for my buck(well it's free).


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