Saturday, October 14, 2006

Excerpts from the last lectures of Carroll Quigley in 1976(continued)

"The idea of Providential Deity has a number of results. There is no rule of law, there is only rule of God's will. This is part of the heresy of the West. When the Crusaders went to capture Jerusalem, and their war cry was 'God wills it' they should have been rejected. This is not Western, because the Western idea is that God gives man free will, and if men do evil things, they are responsible. In Providential Monarchy you get the rule of will. Their slogan became, 'One God in heaven, one ruler on earth', which meant that Providential Monarchs frequently tried to conquer the world. I have already said the Genghiz Khan was the greatest of them. His government, his army, his whole attitide are very much worth studying. His organization was a magnificent machine for world conquest and world rule as the vicar of heaven on earth.

There are no constitutional rules of political succession in a Providential Monarchy. There are no constitutional rules of succession in Islamic Civilization, in Byzantine Civilization or in Russian Civilization---ever."


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