Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election results pending

Election results are a few hours from now, with a "throw the rascals out" theme hopefully soon to unfold. The House in Democratic hands is necessary to purge the '94 Newt landslide. Unfortunately some committee heads will be those with seniority who will not be productive or creative, but the good news is that the newer Dem reps will be for the most part more main stream and open minded. The Senate in Dem hands, a long shot, could also be a good thing, except that it would make Carl Levin, a horrible individual, a committee head(personal experience of his ego and deceit).

Regardless of the election result, if Dick Cheney has any decency and cares at all about what is best for the country he should resign for health reasons. He does have health issues. With a recent 17% approval rating he brings nothing to the table that can create some national or international consensus or reason. In a television interview yesterday, Cheney spoke of the Republican plan for victory in Iraq. At this point does anyone really think that the word "victory" is appropriate. "Achieving the initial goals" is an acceptable stretch goal for a situation that will require a multinational negotiating effort including all affected parties and an Iraqi internal negotiating effort that will require significant external pressure. Success will be difficult. Success seems almost impossible with Cheney. With Cheney out and some new advice, Rumsfeld can be eased out later to sit in an armchair in front of a winter fireplace with Cheney in their neighboring homes on the Maryland eastern shore.


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