Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

About every six weeks on average I will enter the weekly New Yorker cartoon caption contest, as I did today. It seemed like a good week to give it a try again.

With each entry I am certain that my entry has the right blend of ingredients; clever, subtle, intelligent, and of course humorous. I have never advanced. It's likely that most entrants are creating captions that would make their friends smile at the least, as they would know the context. It is also likely, and almost certainly so in my case, that many captions would make no sense at all to a broader audience. Despite that, I will persist on infrequent occasions and for two weeks there will be, in my mind, the possibility that my name will go through the backdoor into the magazine of Cheever, Updike, Liebling, Parker, Sontag, Flanner, Trillin, Capote, and so so many others.


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