Thursday, February 08, 2007

Follow up to prior post

The prior post, "Bush's attack on the middle class", focused only on the upper segment of the amorphous middle class. The purpose was to discuss a story that is overlooked to a large extent by mainstream media, as it primarily focuses on the struggles of the lower middle class and the growing disparities in income in our society. A majority of the middle class can only dream of having the problem of falling into the AMT trap or as a senior having to pay additional premiums for medicare. The plight of the lower middle class is a serious societal issue and, relative to the issue of unfair taxes for those that have a better lifestyle, it is bigger news. That being said, for those who do rise within the so-called middle class to a level of security it is a discouraging experience to see that the President and until recently the Congress have chosen this easy target to fill holes in their budgets, and it is also a story worth telling.


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