Thursday, December 13, 2007

Equal time for the Democrats

It was a "debate" but they all agreed.
Clinton --- assertive and articulate, though couldn't help serving up a few jabs that she must have thought were clever.

Obama --- articulate and confident, attractive above the fray presence, was fortunate to be the first asked the "what would you accomplish in the first year" question and he knocked it out of the ballpark and left the others with a break even shot at best.

Edwards --- is he running for President anymore, or has he decided to give up on that and make sure that he goes out as a hero to some and lives for another day. His anti-corporate message was undifferentiated and extreme, making him the only determined divider on the stage.
Richardson, Dodd, Biden --- all impressive participants today
There were times when the cynicism guard unexpectedly went down and the participants, with the exception of Edwards, all appeared as capable individuals who had dedicated much of their lives to public service with admirable goals. Should I hit the backspace. No, that's what happened.
The few things of concern were these. First, their uniform positions on the Middle East were long on what has gone wrong, and short on an intensity about the challenges, or should it be called unspeakable dangers, that Islamic extremism could represent. Second, what is the purpose of the extent of the China bashing? And third, where was the question about the Clinton campaign's "Obama and drugs" speculations of yesterday? Is it really possible that the intensely political and hands on Hillary was not part of this? Flipping between the evening news channels I must say that once it happened the Clinton campaign should have hidden the two participants. Are Democratic political hacks still required to be overweight and have red faces?


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