Monday, September 29, 2008

The McCain Meltdown

May it ever be remembered as such. In an effort to turn a financial crisis to his political benefit John McCain rushed to Washington last week to create the facade of a populist Republican opposition to "bailing out Wall Street". He may now have more than he bargained for.

The House vote today is not just the rejection of a plan. It is the rejection of responsibility. It is the rejection of doing anything above immediate self interest. It is the rejection of accepting a role in a global financial system.

Whether anything can be done to salvage something out of this is unclear. Will the unequivocal market reaction be noticed. Will Americans step up and say "if this is what not 'bailing out' Wall Street means then it's not what I wanted". Walking away from this now should not be an option, but nothing would surprise now.

There is no guarantee that narrow minded, bitter people who rarely cracked a book in school can't be our leaders. At least George Bush wasn't bitter. If McCain would win, we would have a trifecta. His leadership has now been demonstrated and the American people will soon be able to choose.


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