Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why no posts for ten days...

There are three kinds of people in this world, people who make things happens, people who watch things happen, and people like me, who wonder what's happening.

That's an old line that can still get a laugh at the right time and place even if it's a rerun. Unfortunately it now doesn't feel like a joke. Could that be why there's been a ten day lapse here.

Of course there is the fact that I was traveling for a week and after a couple of days was busy being someplace else, plus in a land with almost no wireless available, small town southern Virginia. Returning meant catching up on things here. Then the ante is raised after so many days of not saying anything and the thought creeps in that whatever is said now must be meaningful. It can't be just some random observation, some shoot from the hip guess. The pressure grows.

Or could it be that these global financial markets have gone outside of the spectrum of my understanding. My head is rattled, thinking of that Sonny Boy Williamson refrain, "whole lotta people talkin', mighty few people who know". Why would I add to that.

Then there's the election, the face-off between the searchingly earnest Obama campaign and the Pythonesque McCain/Palin attacks, Obama trying to keep the momentum going just six more days against an onslaught of absurdity that is meant to make people in general sick of politics, sick enough so that they stay home.

Can my mental gridlock be broken. Does this do it.


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