Thursday, January 15, 2009

CEO's in trouble

Ken Lewis --- no one really thinks that he is anything other than an old style bank CEO, good with people, decent on banking admin, but no broad intellect and no capital markets knowledge. Now he's in trouble with the Merrill acquisition but why is this a surprise. Why did Thain sell. Lewis really has only the rally the troops attitude to rely on --- he is in a difficult situation now.

Steve Jobs --- his health problems have now come to the forefront and it is serious. There is little that can be concluded but that he is dying faster than the rest of us. He has been a uniquely wonderful manager and creative leader and Apple will be tested to show that it's bigger that Jobs.

Vikram Pandit --- he's out, my guess. There is no good explanation of how the Board of the world's largest consumer franchise in financial services appointed a former investment banker to the largest of institutions, and a hedge fund manager, to be in charge of Citi. He has no sense of the business and has continued the Chuck Prince know nothing management style. Citi needs energy for its still potentially amazing franchise.


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